Teamwork – There is no I in teamwork

One of the hallmarks of the Optimetra approach to proposal development is an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts (SMEs). While a team of proposal developers with extensive and complementary skills and experience may not be unique to Optimetra, what is exceptional is the way each team member assigned to a project actively supports all the other team members. This is at the heart of the Optimetra approach—teamwork in action.

A recent RFP for Medicaid Long Term Services and Supports imposed very restrictive character (not page, character) limits for each section of the response. One team member was challenged by the extensive amount of content that the client SMEs considered essential to the response. The Optimetra consultant worked with the client SMEs to reduce the response as much as possible, but it still exceeded the limits. During a regularly scheduled team meeting, another team member learned about the problem and volunteered to help edit the section. The addition of not only a fresh set of eyes, but a slightly different professional perspective, brought the response into compliance and improved the overall quality. The client won the bid.

This was an informal sharing of talent and time between two team members. This is the Optimetra way; it happens all the time.

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