Communication – connecting people and solutions

I have always been a connector of people and information; it is simply intrinsic to who I am. I find fulfillment when I can help someone finish, find or do something meaningful. I value this connector component of communication because it supports the human element that is so important in business and allows for meaningful and lasting partnerships.

Coming from a predominantly IT background, I’ve worked with engineers, CTOs, and systems analysts on numerous programs and projects. I believe my success working in this arena stemmed from my communication approach. I supported them by allowing them to focus on the technical vision and architectures while I worked as the conduit that made their ideas come to life in a way that others could understand; by filling the gap between the solutions and the people.

Effective communication is multifaceted. It’s not only how you convey a message so someone receives and understands it as you intended, but also how you must listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said. Successful communication requires curiosity, thoughtfulness, and awareness. It requires the ability to carefully listen and build trust. Most importantly, it requires genuinely caring about the work and the relationships.