Communication — The Importance of Face-to-Face Interactions

With the number of communication mediums today, we are speaking more. But are we saying more? Communication methods have changed significantly since the internet became available in every household and workplace. Social media, email, and text messages have become the main sources of communication. Instead of walking down the hall to speak with a colleague, we simply shoot off an email. We now keep in touch with our kids via a short text instead of a conversation at the dinner table.

The impersonal nature of communication has become problematic. In neglecting face-to-face communication, we lose much of what relationships are truly built on. Face-to-face communication builds trust, credibility, and rapport. The visual cues alone in face-to-face conversations can be key to understanding the message being communicated. When you see the person to whom you are speaking, visual cues to whether they understand what you are saying are key to message delivery. It’s difficult to deny the effectiveness of a conversation held face-to-face versus email, text, or telephone call.

How many times have you miscommunicated (accidently or on purpose) or misunderstood someone via email, text, or telephone that would not have occurred had you been speaking in person? Be assured, you will get far more insight from clients, business partners, staff, and your management team when you have face-to-face conversations. By increasing face-time, your communications will be more productive, efficient, and require fewer explanations later.

So, communicate in person whenever you can. Your success depends on it!

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