Impact – Guiding Overall Success

When I was working as a professor in a community college, I was often asked to teach introductory writing classes to first-semester students. The students were typically a vulnerable population—both economically disadvantaged and academically underprepared—and I knew that my role went far beyond teaching them how to integrate a thesis or insert a comma. These students needed me to serve as a guide to the entire landscape of education and their path to success.

I experienced this as a privilege and an enormous responsibility. In addition to managing our essay assignments, I devoted my time to a spectrum of tasks: helping students apply for scholarships, awards, and financial aid; connecting students with counseling services and disability support; assisting students in their search for work, or sobriety, or food.

I wanted to make a meaningful impact on their lives. I wanted them to know that I cared about their success.

Although my work at Optimetra is very different from that of teaching, I nevertheless approach it with the same sense of commitment. Whether I’m perfecting a proposal or leading a team meeting, I always strive to be aware of emerging needs, new roles, and additional tasks to take on. I aim to make an impact on our clients’ success.

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