Judgment – Little decisions lead to big impacts

As the financial manager at Optimetra, the value of judgment resonates strongly with me. Every financial decision can have a huge impact on a small business. Acting on impulse or desire is not advised, because even one bad decision can negatively impact the bottom line and jeopardize the business. Using sound judgment, I analyze the financial data of various scenarios, and then make recommendations and decisions to positively impact the business. I try to use my best judgment in every business decision – from selecting the best health insurance option for our employees to determining how to handle a complicated tax situation.

Judgment really became a priority while I was doing accounting independently for small businesses. One of my clients was overly eager to acquire a competitor and was convinced that the competitor was more profitable than it actually was. My analysis of the competitor proved it was not as profitable as expected, and it was not in the client’s best interest to pursue the acquisition. My judgment enabled my client to make an informed business decision and prevented a potential financial and operational burden.

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