Passion – Love, Hate, and a Jar of Cookies

If we all shared our cookies, the world would know peace. Just think of how many cookies there would be to share: chocolate-chip and oatmeal and frosted. Oh my! It would be enough to make any mouth water. But the cookie I am most interested in sharing at Optimetra cannot be eaten; however, it can be felt. And it may surprise you to learn that we all have our own unique brand of cookie too! It is called passion, and it is sprinkled with a determination to improve our own skills whatever they may be. My passions are creativity, writing, and helping people; and passions are strongest when accompanied by those of our Optimetra team.

Why should we share our cookies? What does it have to do with fostering peace? Simple: sharing cookies (i.e. sharing our passions with others) creates a social group that allows us to perfect and diversify our passion-filled talents. Alternatively, when we do not share our passions or even hate what we do, we are not inspired to grow as individuals nor as a society; however, when we share our talents and ideas with our community, we can create a batch of delicious, desirable gifts in abundance. Hate what we do or love what we do; either will affect the harmony of our community, and having a passion for what we do is like having a passion for cookies – the more we share, the more we learn, and the more we grow.

Without passion, we cannot develop or diversify our talents. Think about it: a baker who hates their own cookies will not try to make any and will not have any to share. Therefore, they will not practice baking better cookies. Furthermore, if the baker does not share their cookies, others may not wish to or even know to share their own cookie recipes in return. Thus, the creation of a diverse batch is destroyed. It is the same with passion. If we do not like what we do, we will not be able to perfect a skill as well as if we had a desire to do so.

Conversely, loving what we do inspires us to develop our gifts in a way that benefits ourselves as well as the people around us. Just as the bakers who love their cookies will want to make many more for themselves and others, a person who is passionate about their own work will also aspire to improve their talents and share new ideas. It is through sharing these ideas that we can evolve our recipe for new and diverse ideas. A jar full of chocolate-chip cookies is delectable, but a jar with options is better. So, it is important to explore and discover what batches of passions are available to us so we can learn to create our own. By learning, we can become confident in our own creation and then be willing to share our gifts.

Love them or hate them, cookies are the key to happiness and affect success, for they function the same way as the abstract concept of passion. Passion is what drives us to make better outcomes. At Optimetra, we not only make our work sound better, we inspire those around us to be better. This is because we have passion for what we do, who we help, and how it makes us better as a society. Without passion, we would not be able to evolve our talents, nor would we have attracted such a diverse group of talented individuals. Together, we share our talents and learn from one another. My passion is writing, creating, and helping people. The art of baking the perfect cookie is analogous to finding and following our passions. So, if you want to help in making the world a better place, start by baking some cookies. But, of course, remember to share!

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