Passion — Understanding the Voice of the Customer

I am passionate about solving problems, and I get energized when I can actually see, feel, or process the positive impact reverberating in the communities I have served. Having spent most of my career working for the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled (EBD) populations and Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), I have enjoyed the unique opportunity of working directly in the field as well as alongside executive leadership teams. These opportunities challenged me to draw rare insights that would lend to successful strategies impacting both quality and growth.

My work in the field requires listening for and understanding the day-to-day challenges that impact our most vulnerable populations. Understanding the voice of the customer means listening intently with an open mind and asking the right questions. It is through an investigative process in which learning occurs, paving the way for creative solutions. By gaining perspective on a variety of issues in an already complex, highly-regulated system, and by staying open and agile, we will continue to transform problems of access, affordability, quality, and coordination into practical, connected solutions resulting in growth and high-quality services. For me, nothing is more energizing and affirming than the positive impact of continuous improvement.

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