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Angelique Goodwin, CHC

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Revenue Cycle Management, Compliance, Information System Management, Project Management, Process Improvement

Home Base: Jacksonville, FL

As a consultant with experience in the areas of project and product management, client support, and compliance management, Angelique brings 20 years of multifaceted health care industry knowledge to your projects. Her career has included positions at Availity, Keane, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii (HMSA). She uses her health plan, provider/vendor, and clearinghouse expertise to consider all aspects  of your business when recommending solutions.

Angelique knew in her college career that she wanted to work in the health care industry and tailored her economics courses around a rural hospital internship. Pursuing her interest in technology and health care, she found a position where these skills could be leveraged and highly utilized by hospitals and hospital systems across the country to maximize their revenue cycle. She effectively implemented, trained, and supported information systems for all aspects of a hospital, of any size.

Angelique is able to apply her broad understanding of health care stakeholder environments and her passion for economics and technology to produce compliant, winning proposals that reflect a comprehensive understanding of your value proposition.

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Angelique Goodwin, CHC
I believe one of the keys to successful engagement is communication. On a recent proposal engagement with a large Medicaid Managed Care Organization, I listened very carefully to how the client was describing their TPL and subrogation processes without making assumptions. By paying close attention and asking questions to fill any gaps, I was able to accurately and succinctly describe these processes in the first draft of the proposal, avoiding multiple revisions and saving the client time and money.