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Dan Pinson, CF APMP

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Requirements Gathering, Compliance Review, Content Development, Writing, Contract Research, Competitive Intelligence

Home Base: Phoenix, AZ

Dan brings over 20 years of technical writing, training, and computer programming experience, specializing in the medical and computer industries. He is a self-motivated, versatile business professional with extensive medical, business, and computer consulting experience. He has developed proposals for TRICARE and Medicaid managed care, with specific experience in the areas of Claims Processing, Provider Manuals, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Emergency Medical Care. Dan is certified at the Foundation Level by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).

Dan’s first proposal experience came in the mid-1980s, when he obtained his first government contract to supply custom software and services to a State Corrections department. While Dan’s firm was not initially awarded the contract (his technical proposal ranked first, but his cost proposal ranked third), he won the contract a few months later, after a large accounting firm failed to deliver. He learned his first lesson in proposals: be as creative as possible, offer more value than the competition, and leave a lasting impression on the customer, because you never know when they’ll need you.

Dan provides contract and market research to boost your team’s understanding of requirements and competitive intelligence. With his strong grasp of requirements and expertise in compliance review, you can rest assured that your proposals will expertly conform to your customer’s needs.

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Dan Pinson, CF APMP
One of my favorite projects with Optimetra was creating a Master Provider Manual for a national Medicaid MCO. This work was very high-value, because the client was growing rapidly, and having a master manual significantly reduced the time necessary to deploy provider manuals for new state Medicaid contracts. It was satisfying to know that the client could be more responsive to customers and members, while saving time and money during new contract implementations.

Another favorite project was working as a proposal developer with Optimetra and the client team on a major Medicaid procurement in Texas. It was especially satisfying, because I was able to work with some very accomplished people from whom I learned a lot, and because it was ultimately a winning effort for the client.