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Deborah O’Connor, RN MSN

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Quality Care Initiatives; Gap Analysis; Customer Satisfaction Strategy; Process Design and Change Management; Strategic Planning; Marketing and Technical Writing

Home Base: Miami, FL

Deborah’s unique perspective on healthcare comes from 25 years in senior leadership positions, where she obtained considerable experience and knowledge in both the payer and provider arenas. She has industry experience with integrated health delivery networks, multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, government-sponsored programs and payers. Deborah has repeatedly designed and implemented new programs that concentrate on both increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

Deborah’s work establishing a care-coordination program for one of the largest payers in Florida helped the organization not only reduce their costs for catastrophic illnesses, but allowed them to gain access to new business based on added value to members. She has honed her writing skills through creating opinion papers and writing medical reviews in the Legal industry.

In 2013, her knowledge and expertise of healthcare regulatory issues and requirements enabled her to be one of the first in the country to earn the specialty designation of Certified Joint Commission Accreditation Professional.

Deborah is committed to service excellence and has successfully created and worked within high functioning, inter-disciplinary teams with an emphasis on goal accomplishment in record-time. She is adept at quickly assessing your team’s needs and creating action plans that you can implement with existing resources. She is a team player who establishes solid working relationships with healthcare leaders across all levels to achieve winning results.

In addition to her career accomplishments, Deborah is active in her community with a long track record of service. She embraces the concept of Service-Above-Self, participating in a variety of volunteer activities including serving breakfast to the homeless on Saturday mornings and working with abused and neglected children in foster care.

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Deborah O’Connor, RN MSN
Curiosity is a trait that comes naturally to me. Throughout my healthcare career, I have had the luxury of being able to put that curiosity to work in a way that creates opportunities. When it comes to learning; solving; and improving, for me, questions seem to be the natural starting place. In my work with nursing students, I have always tried to encourage the traits of inquisitiveness and resourcefulness, so they can delve deeper into illnesses and processes and create novel solutions. I am delighted when curiosity spurs creativity, and something unexpected and not previously considered turns into the right answer to a difficult problem.