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Jean Lockington, RN

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Process Improvement, Medicaid, Accreditation, Health Information, Health Policy, and Project Management

Home Base: Allentown, NJ

As a former management executive at Centene, Value Options, and AmeriChoice, Jean brings more than 20 years of experience in quality improvement, regulatory compliance, new business development, process improvement, and accreditation preparation. In her roles, Jean has overseen all departmental aspects of working with CMS, maintaining state regulatory compliance, meeting HEDIS requirements, and achieving NCQA accreditation. She was selected as an Administrative Surveyor in February 2009 for NCQA and is currently performing surveys for NCQA, including those for PCMH.

Jean brings her combination of clinical and operational skills to help you develop programs that not only meet the needs of current member populations, but anticipate the needs of future populations. She can also help you meet contract requirements and gain a competitive edge with accreditation survey preparation.

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Jean Lockington, RN
I don’t have a favorite project, but rather a favorite style of work. Working with various clients allows me to experience the best of organizations, as they strive to expand their business through competitive procurements. My skillset enables me to not just help clients write their response, but to actually develop their approach and solutions. I encourage clients to think creatively about how they can meet requirements and we then determine the most compelling way to describe the associated organizational activities.

Working with clients to brainstorm ideas around how they can best serve their membership is very exciting. Each client has varying geographic and operational needs, so I certainly do not take a cookie-cutter approach. I work very hard to help clients fully understand the needs and behaviors of their current and potential members, so they can make the best use of all available tools, including technology, to best serve those members.

Prior to submission, I often conduct a mock evaluation of client proposals to ensure the response is compliant and they have accurately and succinctly “sold” their proposed programs, processes, and staffing models.