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Katie Daniels

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Editing, Proofreading, Technical Writing, Change Management

Home Base: Carlisle, PA

With 18 years as a sole proprietor and communications consultant, Katie Daniels is self-directed, adept at collaborating with diverse subject matter experts, and skilled in writing and editing content on complex subjects. A trained technical writer and change communicator with a strong command of the English language, Katie will edit proposals and write copy to capture the essence of the message, so the intended audience can clearly understand and act upon it.

Katie previously held a long-term contract with The Hershey Company. As a Training and Communications Consultant for Hershey’s Information Services department, Katie produced communications and training material for the successful rollout of Hershey’s collaboration suite, including VOIP technology and social media. She was also integral in the smooth transition of 250+ employees to Hershey’s Global Shared Services department, a LEED certified, open workspace environment. Her creative writing, well-formed instructional materials, and unique approach to change management contributed to greater employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and enthusiastic participation in the use of new processes and technology.

Katie started her career in South Central Pennsylvania as a benefits analyst for the Human Resources department of M&T Bank (then Keystone Financial). Showing an undeniable aptitude for comprehending and distilling health and welfare benefits information for others, she was enlisted to design and write a bi-weekly newsletter for the bank’s 3800 employees. The newsletter was so effective and well-received by employees that Executive Management “piggybacked” on this vehicle regularly to communicate other company-wide, critical information. Katie has continued to focus on health care, with assignments ranging from writing content for an employee manual and website to video script writing and the development of marketing materials to educate and increase participation in wellness programs.

Always striving for the best possible solution for each unique client and problem, Katie asks probing questions of subject matter experts and teammates and shares new information promptly and articulately.

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Katie Daniels
I like people – different sorts of people. I appreciate quirks and value others’ skills, so I ask questions. I share. I give credit. I ask for help. I offer my opinion … and my effort. My face is expressive, and I’m honest in my dealings with others. While I’m pleased to take charge, I try to lead by example. The best feeling of all, in my opinion, is delivering a project that the whole team contributed to and is proud to put their name on.

The people I’ve worked with know me to be inquisitive, hard-working, enthusiastic, organized, and creative. I was selected as Communications Lead for Hershey’s Global Shared Services capital project, in large part, on this reputation. Our team of trainers, HR professionals, and business process experts, led by one of the most diverse, hardworking leadership teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, exceeded expectations and wowed executive management. We successfully transitioned over 250 employees to a new building, in a completely redesigned, open workplace. We worked hard, took smart risks, and had fun making it happen. It doesn’t get much better than that!