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LeNore Ralston

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Writing, Health Care Policy, Behavioral Health, Program Design

Home Base: Colorado Springs, CO

As a former Director at two managed care organizations, United Health, LLC, and Colorado Access, LeNore knows what states are looking for as they evaluate proposals. She has managed contracts for Medicaid behavioral and physical health care, as well as federal, state, and local grant programs. She brings that knowledge to your team, as well as extensive subject matter expertise and experience in Medicaid and behavioral health program design and development.

Pursuing her passion to advance public and private health care and ensure access to high quality, consumer-centered services, LeNore brought her writing talent and health care knowledge to Medicaid, Medicare, and other government-funded health programs. She has authored and co-authored over 70 proposals and grant applications, ranging from multi-million-dollar Medicaid programs to local dual-diagnosis, residential treatment programs.

A trained former behavioral health clinician, LeNore thrives on guiding groups and will skillfully engage your team to develop the most compelling, competitive proposals and solutions.

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LeNore Ralston
My favorite Optimetra engagement so far was my first one, a Medicaid managed care proposal for the State of Washington. I enjoyed learning about the client and helping them develop a proposal that would fit the needs of Washington State.

One of the best parts for me was being able to work with them to clearly define the care management, case management, and care coordination processes for the proposal. This is an area in which I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge, and I was able to bring this to bear on this challenging and complex RFP response. Working closely with client SMEs and executives to develop the solutions and help them refine their proposed processes with the solutions as a foundation, was quite rewarding.