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Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, Ph.D., ELS

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Proposal Editing, Style Guide Planning & Development, Technical Writing & Editing, Federal Plain Language Guidelines, Training Curricula

Home Base: Boulder, CO

An accomplished author and board-certified medical editor, Bette has been helping the health care industry write better for nearly 25 years. She meticulously edits articles, lecture materials for health care technology, textbook chapters, manuscripts, and clinical journal submissions. Bette is also an expert health care proposal editor who excels at developing style guides and ensuring style guide compliance throughout the editorial process.

Bette’s four favorite words are “That’s a good question!” Bette is a “Learner” (based on her StrengthsFinder 2.0 profile). Her curiosity, supported by her research skills, helps her edit your proposals precisely, whether by checking your style guide carefully, querying the proposal developer, or skillfully searching the Internet. Sometimes she asks herself: “Is there another way to word this idea without changing the author’s intention?”― which often leads to a gentle rewording of text to produce a clearer, more concise message.

Bette’s consistent, timely, and constructive feedback ensures your proposals and other customer-facing messages are clear, concise, and professionally polished every time.

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Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, Ph.D., ELS
In summer 2012, I worked on a Florida Medicaid LTC proposal for a long-term client of Optimetra. Not only was I able to collaborate with my favorite co-editor, Lori Williams, I was able to work with a delightful client proposal manager. Lori happened to be in Alaska that summer. Alaska is two hours behind me in Mountain time and four hours behind the client in Eastern time. That enabled us to extend our editing time by two hours each day, so no matter how late in the day the client submitted documents, we could edit them the same day. It allowed us to be more productive for the client, and we were all especially pleased when the client successfully secured their contract!