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Rachel Jacobsen, MS

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Project Management, Writing, Editing, Behavioral Health, Health Information Technology, Marketing, Research / Competitive Analysis, Group Facilitation, Style Guide Planning and Development, Process Improvement, Training

Home Base: Norfolk, VA & New York, NY

Rachel has focused her entire career on the intersection between physical and psychological wellness and business development. Collecting the building blocks of successful managed care proposal writing, Rachel trained in proposal writing and management at ValueOptions in the mid-2000s and provided IT analysis and subject matter expertise to the company from 2010 to 2012. She is also a Professional Counselor and a certified Yoga instructor.

For over 10 years, Rachel has led and participated in small- and large-scale multi-million dollar commercial, state, and federal bids for medical (physical) and behavioral healthcare and wellness. In addition, she has directed state applications for Medicare and Medicaid programs and helped to facilitate client subcontractor/vendor relationships for Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) health plans. Rachel’s directive and organized project management approach, coupled with her empathetic counseling skills, creates a balanced and comfortable rapport with clients. Since she is a “people person,” growing relationships with colleagues is one of her favorite aspects of being a consultant.

As a mental health therapist/counselor, Rachel has worked directly with people who are often the beneficiaries of government managed care contracts, so she clearly understands their needs. Her decade of training as a yoga practitioner and instructor also enable her to keep calm in stressful situations and do whatever needs to be done with grace. Rachel’s direct experience with beneficiaries will help you tell a more compelling story, and her patience will help reduce the stress and anxiety that often accompany demanding proposals.

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Rachel Jacobsen, MS
Doing proposal work is like playing a song on the piano; once you learn how to do it, you never forget. It’s with you forever, and improvising is fun!