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Ross McCabe

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Provider Network Development, Proposal Management & Development, Rapid Process Improvement, and Implementation Management

Home Base: St. Augustine, FL

As a managed care consultant, Ross offers 20 years of business development experience in commercial and public-sector health care programs, including Medicaid and Medicare.

In addition to corporate development roles with Amerigroup and John Deere Health Care, Ross has successfully led regional health plan teams to strengthen provider networks and streamline operations. His background ranges from administering employer-sponsored health benefits to implementation of Medicaid managed care market expansions. Ross chose the health care path early in his career, as he saw an opportunity to impact so many lives.

Ross enjoys the challenges of proposal development and process improvement. He can lead your team to identify what will be valued most by the client and how to highlight your strengths in a winning narrative.

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Ross McCabe
My favorite Optimetra project was the development of a proposal for a national Medicaid plan. The combination of a historically busy RFP season and a corporate reorganization led to the perfect storm. Our client lacked the resources to manage the opportunity to enter a promising new market. I focused the team on the deliverables at risk and worked with subject matter experts to translate design decisions into a compelling response. The client won the business and enhanced their reputation.