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Sara Scarpone

Professional Services (Contract)

Specialties: Strategic Compliance Review and Analysis, Cultural Competency Market Research, Competitive Assessments, Style Guide Planning & Development, Business Development, Project Management, Quality Management, Operations Management

Home Base: Warren, NJ

With written and verbal fluency in four languages, Sara has a unique understanding of the importance of effective communication. Sara’s first-hand experience taking pharmaceutical and health care advertising campaigns global affords her an in-depth look into their core values and practices, helping clients close deals on an international scale.

As a Project Manager, Sara mastered time management and diligent multi-tasking. As a Marketing Manager, she learned how to tune in to her target audience and advocate her company’s strengths. In her most recent role as a certified proposal writer, Sara applies her keen knowledge of language and impeccable attention to detail to the greatest success of proposal management teams.

Sara’s strong sales, marketing, and account management experience, combined with her language background, affords her a distinct viewpoint of your market, customer, and contract requirements. The result is consistent: a compliant, winning proposal.

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Sara firmly embraces Optimetra’s core values. Read her thoughts on What the Work Needs.

Sara Scarpone
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