Curiosity – Who’s on first: the left or the right hand?

I’ve always been curious about how things work and how the pieces of a complex organization work together toward a common goal. Wherever there are gaps, I like to propose creative strategies to fill those and help align moving organizational parts to further the goal of excellence.

In my proposal experiences with Optimetra, I listen first to understand how the client envisions a program. I then ask questions about the pieces that don’t quite fit. I help clients identify opportunities to implement consistent, coherent, values-driven approaches across the organization. In a recent project, I reviewed the proposed care management programs, network development plan, quality reporting system, and staff deployment strategy to ensure the client’s vision, values, and day-to-day goals were accurately and consistently reflected. I’ve found that ensuring this type of alignment in planning and solutioning phases not only results in a more competitive proposal, but also a smoother contract implementation and execution.

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