The Work

What we do.

We use unique combinations of knowledge and talent to help you grow your business. From a superior positioning strategy and better capture processes to more competitive proposals and solution designs, Optimetra has the people and services you need to make your good story GREAT!

We never take a cookie-cutter approach. We never make assumptions. You get the level of support you need instead of the standard hard and heavy sell from a salesperson. We use proven methods for pairing you with the right people and tools from the beginning, because when you’re up against the non-movable deadlines of government procurements, you can’t afford false starts or do-overs. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. These are tough projects, and we work hard to make them go more smoothly.

Our clients.

They serve the most vulnerable people: Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries, as well as waiver populations, such as people with Development Disabilities and children in Foster Care. They work in an environment constantly challenged by complex state and federal regulations, budgetary considerations, and ever-changing policies and procedures.

From health tech start-ups to established multi-state managed care organizations, our clients come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out more about our clients. Find out more about our market experience

Our people.

You won’t waste time educating us about Healthcare. We have widely varied backgrounds – from the C-suite to the operational front lines – in public and private Healthcare organizations. So, whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ve probably been there and understand. Our subject matter experts, strategists, and proposal developers stay well-informed of market developments and show up with relevant insights and ready to work. We challenge your team while working collaboratively to strengthen your solutions and keep your story engaging and customer-centric.