Big Win in Washington State

A long-term Optimetra client wanted to pursue new business for the Washington Healthy Options Program and Basic Health Plan. As a new player in the market, the company had been engaged in building relationships in the state and was developing a comprehensive provider network, but needed additional resources to complete the proposal response.

Optimetra planned and managed the proposal and developed over 500 pages of proposal content covering quality assurance and performance improvement, provider network, care management, utilization management and appeals and grievances, and program integrity. Notably, the RFP also required respondents to address several topics regarding issues in health reform, including innovative solutions, integration of care, long-term care options, dual eligible population, and health homes. We worked with the client’s health reform team and conducted independent research into state and national needs and trends to develop the strategy and write the response for these sections.

Our proposal consultants wrote and revised multiple drafts to incorporate the client’s business and technical solution and represent their operational and implementation plans for each major business function requested in the RFP. Each draft underwent comprehensive editing against a detailed proposal style guide to ensure word usage and overall style conformed to both client and state terminology and standards. And, in each draft cycle, we iteratively improved the delivery of the client’s message regarding the value it would deliver to the State of Washington.  

The client was awarded a contract for sixteen counties and has been successfully operating in the state since July 2012.