Better Process: Winning More With Less

Because of our depth and experience in capturing new business and developing proposals for public sector healthcare, Optimetra has been engaged by managed care organizations, health systems, and health information technology vendors to evaluate and improve their business development processes. The improvements resulting from these projects have enabled these clients to pursue business opportunities in a more strategic and disciplined way. Better processes have reduced resource strain and significantly improved client win rates – one from just 20% to nearly 100%.

While the scope has varied with each project, elements of these projects have often included the following:

  • Detailed assessment and analysis of the organization’s current state of business development and proposal development culture, practices, policies, and processes
  • Recommendations regarding areas that need specific attention and focus, and a strategy for pursuing those recommendations
  • Design of a new or modified organizational structure for business development or proposal development to best help the organization achieve its goals and grow over the long term
  • Development of job descriptions to fit within the new organizational structure, identifying roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for each position
  • Creation of business processes, including workflow diagrams, identification of responsibilities and timeframes, and supporting work tools for business and proposal development, addressing all aspects of the process including presales activities, go/no-go decision making, proposal development, and transition to implementation after contract award
  • Documentation and training of business and proposal development staff to perform the processes
  • Ongoing change management to facilitate effective implementation of the redesign