What We Offer

Strategy & Positioning

It’s no accident that jockeys and race car drivers fiercely compete for the “pole position.” Starting position can be a decided advantage in racing.

The same is true in Healthcare. When growing a service line or pursuing a geographic market, if you don’t know where you stand, you are already behind.

For a strong position, you need a superior strategy. Your strategy must provide direction and action plans, prioritize and align work, demand accountability, enhance communication, and build a solid framework for ongoing decision making.

To improve your starting position, we offer:

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Market Evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Operational Gap Analysis
  • Customer Surveys
  • Partnership Development
  • Targeted Messaging/Positioning

The word proposal is often accompanied by the word anxiety. Proposals can be tough. We know. We’ve helped our clients develop hundreds of them.

If large, state or federal RFPs turn your organization upside down, or you’re missing major client opportunities because of boring, generic proposals, you’re not alone.

Telling your story well is a challenge, but proposal evaluators want to be engaged, inspired, and most importantly, convinced. This is where Optimetra is unmatched in the industry.

To increase your chances of winning – every time – we offer these end-to-end proposal services:

  • Management
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Compliance
  • Pre- and Post-submission Evaluation
  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing
  • Training
  • Process Design
Solution Design

We often hear from our clients that their solutions are great. Our experience has been that there is good, there is better, and there is the best. Sometimes, we fall into the trap of thinking we’re better or even best when really, we’re just good. These days, good is almost never good enough.

When you are competing for multi-million, or even multi-billion, dollar healthcare contracts, you can’t count on “good enough.” You not only have to be better or best, you have to have data to prove you’re better or best.  Our facilitators, SMEs, and solution designers leverage their objectivity and competitive knowledge to continuously evaluate and improve client solutions.

If you’re not satisfied with good, we can help you be your best with:

  • Planning & Facilitation
  • Competitive/Gap Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Revenue/Profitability Analysis
  • Fraud & Abuse Prevention
  • Population Health
  • RFP Development