What You Need, When You Need It



Some clients just need one thing for one time. Some need a thing-and-a-half. Some get halfway through a project and realize they need something totally different. As any of our clients will tell you, we are all about service and no-hassle. If you need something, call us. We’ll do our best to provide what you need, and if we can’t, we’ll try to help you find it somewhere else.

Heavy lift.

You’re an MCO expanding into a highly competitive market. Prior to the RFP release, we do an end-to-end review of your solutions. This might include onsite, interactive work sessions with our strategists and SMEs and your SMEs and senior leadership to evaluate and improve current solutions and begin finding differentiators and creating win themes. After the RFP is released, we help you plan and manage your proposal process, in detail, from kickoff to production, making sure you don’t miss any critical tasks or opportunities. We deploy SMEs and proposal specialists to help your team interpret requirements, write your response, and review drafts. We have editors available to give your proposal a single voice, internal consistency, and professional polish. We have graphic designers to make your proposal visually appealing and easier to evaluate. We can even be onsite to oversee production and quality review, where we help you avoid any possibility of non-compliance.

Extra hands.

It’s a busy time of year, and you just need a couple of proposal specialists to provide expertise or bandwidth you don’t have – we can usually deploy specialists within a few days (occasionally, within hours!). Maybe you need a combination of editing, graphic design, and Red Team support – we can put that together for you, too. Whether you are presenting at a conference or have been selected to orally defend your proposal, we can help tighten up your messaging, polish your slide deck, and work with you and your team to anticipate questions and refine presentation skills.

Guiding nudge.

Recently a health tech start-up asked us to review their website and collateral prior to entering the Medicaid market. We conducted our review with their team via Skype – saving money on time and travel. In a short brief, we summarized our ideas for tightening up their messaging and offered suggestions for promoting their successful pilot results to Medicaid prospects. We also presented them with a calendar of recommended conferences to consider when deploying sales staff. Sometimes, all you need is some additional guidance and validation as you expand your footprint with new markets or clients.